Line up of Joe’s pages

We have a great line up of Joe’s work across the floor at the moment, some beautiful panels in there



Full house for the final few hours

We have all our artists in the room again – even Dan came back to put the final touches to his comic – they are all looking astoundingly good and even despite the fatigue everyone seems to be in pretty good spirits!

image-2 image


Credit where credit’s due

I feel at this point that we should give thanks to something that has supported us, and kept us going through the night, it never failed us and was there in our time of need.

So thank you oh wonderful coffee machine, and special thanks to the two buttons below, who were there in our darkest hour.

photo 1photo 2


Our Artist’s current condition…

So I asked our artists to describe in one word how they are feeling right now, after drawing for 17 1/2 hours straight, here’s what I got:

  • Kristyna Baczynski – Fuzzy
  • Sarah McIntyre – Bleary
  • Fumio Obata – Climax
  • Jack Teagle – Void
  • Joe Decie – Shakey
  • Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – Fine
  • Dan Berry – ZzZzZzZz (that’s what I am presuming in his absence anyway! For the people not following the blog/twitter Dan already finished and went to bed)