And just a little bit of cheating…

The unstoppable Dan Berry is both artist and editor for this year’s comic, so we can allow him a little slack.¬†Originally scheduled in for tomorrow morning, Dan’s already been in and finished his pages!

That means he’s free for all the editing he has to do tomorrow. Wooh!



Passing the baton

As we hand over the baton for our relay we have been joined by our next fabulous artists, Mike Medaglia and Jake Phillips.

Here are our first artists finishing their pages as our second team set up.


We’ve also had visits from Dan Berry and Joe Decie who will also be doing some pages for
us in this event!


24 hcm 2016… Back with a twist!

And we’re off once again with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 24 hour comic marathon for 2016.

Instead of several artists each drawing a 24 page comic in 24 hours, we wanted to do something a little different to spice up the event. So this year 12 artists are handing over page to page in a 24 hour comic relay. Each artist will draw 2 pages and between 3pm Thursday 13th to 3pm Friday 14th October a whole comic will be drawn.

We’ve started our first session with Festival Patron Bryan Talbot and 2016 Festival cover artist Ken Niimura.

Stay tuned here for more as the action unfolds!


That’s all folks!

As 3pm rolls steadily round again like a slow-moving boulder, so does the end of another 24 hour comic marathon. And the great news is we have six amazing finished comics! A great big well done to all our brave and hard-working artists that trooped on to the very last.

The finished comics from this year’s marathon will now be swept away to the printer and available at Page 45 in the Comic Clock Tower during the festival this Sunday. Join us there to grab your own and congratulate everyone youself!